world club squad

a celebration of colour and culture

In football and especially for Club Brugge, diversity is important. Across our three teams, our squads combine a total of 19 nationalities from 5 continents. Our multi-faceted squad, with a multitude of skills, experiences and back-grounds gives us the strength to vanquish the toughest of challenges. And now we highlight our skills, on the big-gest football event in the world.

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On the eve of the world’s biggest football tournament, we are launching our own #WorldClubSquad with the talented illustrator 'Meneer Heirman'. Our collection of 5 posters and 7 unique shirt prints depicts a celebration of colour and culture. Just what the greatest football festival should be all about.

Each distinct design shows the fascinating story of the home country of one of our international stars. Ghana, Canada, Denmark and Belgium all have unique traditions, landmarks and cultures which are explored through a print artwork and a back-of-the-shirt print.

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